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Our Practice areas

Contract & Obligations

Is your terms of business designed for YOUR business? Or do you even have terms? Having thoughtful terms of business and well designed contracts can be the difference between life in the fast lane, and financial ruin. Do not ignore your contracts - Speak to one of our solicitors for an informal free consultation to discuss your commercial and contract needs

Technology & IP

Many firms think they have their legal requirements covered. However, technology is ever-changing and complex, so details can get lost in translation. Do you run a knowledge business? Is your unique selling point something you created? Software, designs, processes or know-how - It's all Intellectual Property, and deserves to be protected. Do not leave your business' future to chance - Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the technologies pertinent to our financial community as well as the legal frameworks that try and govern it. Our lawyers don't just know the law. They know technology and IP. Based in Canary Wharf, they are ready to assist you.

Corporate Law

Have you got more than one shareholder in your business? Have you considered what happens if a shareholder passes away? Or if a shareholder leaves? Do you know the difference between shareholders and directors? This area of law is often ignored in small to medium enterprises, but is of crucial importance when preparing for a sale, or where a conflict arises between shareholders. Let RF Legal help you with your corporate structure, governance and compliance. From Secretarial Services, to advise on board structures, shareholders meetings, articles of association and Options agreements and other investment structures, our solicitors can provide high quality advise at affordable prices. Call us for a no-obligation consultation.


RF Legal streamlines employment law with tailored, effective solutions. Our expertise spans employment issues, supporting both employees and employers.

We also offer advice on redundancy, guiding employers and employees through fair processes and ensuring legal compliance. Our services include helping businesses meet legal requirements like health and safety regulations, maintaining a compliant workplace.

Choosing RF Legal means you benefit from our commitment to fair outcomes and rights protection. Our experienced team provides expert guidance, empowering you to navigate employment law with confidence. We offer personalized support, focusing on each case's specifics for tailored advice.

We aim to minimize stress in legal matters, handling cases professionally so you can focus on your work and future. Trust RF Legal for premier legal expertise and support in employment law, ensuring the best outcome for your case.

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Commercial & Corporate Lawyer

About RF Legal LLP

Our firm was established by Ian Burton, an M&A lawyer with more than 30 years experience, and Espen Skogen, a commercial and technology lawyer, with 25 years experience in technology businesses. Our team forms a strong foundation for our clients needs.

Commercial & Corporate Legal Team

Meet the team

At RF Legal, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative legal solutions with personalized care. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals and emerging talents, each bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. Allow us to introduce our dedicated team members: 

Espen Skogen

Espen Skogen is a seasoned Technology Lawyer who transitioned to law after spending 25 years at the forefront of finance technology. His deep understanding of the technological landscape, coupled with his legal acumen, makes him an invaluable asset for clients navigating the intricate world of tech-related legal matters as well as intellectual property matters.

Ian Burton

Managing Partner
Ian Burton is a senior M&A and Corporate Lawyer with more than 30 years of experience. Dually qualified in England and Wales, and also a member of the New York Bar, Ian combines extensive legal knowledge with a global perspective. His expertise in mergers and acquisitions and corporate law has been instrumental in guiding clients through complex transactions and strategic decisions.

Manpreet Matharu

Trainee Solicitor
With six years of experience in Personal Injury litigation as a paralegal, Manpreet Matharu brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her role as a trainee solicitor at RF Legal. Her background in litigation equips her with the skills necessary to handle complex legal issues with precision and care.

Nigel Knight

Nigel Knight has a robust regulatory background, having served as Chief Compliance Officer in several financial services firms. His expertise in compliance and regulatory matters ensures that our clients receive thorough and informed advice, helping them stay ahead of regulatory challenges.